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I know the frustration of choosing the best air purifier, so I started this website to help solve that problem. I don't sell air purifiers, I just research and write about them, so I can provide unbiased view points on what I think are the best air purifiers for you to consider.

To start you off, you can read my air purifier reviews and if you want to do a little research, check out my buyers guide or the articles section.

Air Purifier Reviews

Read my personal reviews of some of the most popular air purifiers.

Articles & Research

Want to do a little research? Take a look here to learn more about air purifier technology.

Buyers Guide

Need help buying an Air Purifier? Read the buyers guide to help you choose the perfect air purifier for your home.

What Criteria Do I Use to Recommend Air Purifiers?

These air purifier reviews are founded on a wide range of variables, such as, consumer feedback (i.e. consumers that actually own the specific product being reviewed), multiple website and blog product reviews, retailer’s opinions and remarks, as well as my own personal assessment of a specific air purifier I personally may have reviewed.

In addition, I also research various air purifier manufacturers, for example Honeywell, Alen, Austin Air, Whirlpool and Winix, just to highlight a few and identify their technologies and attention to detail used in manufacturing their particular air purifier machines.

I search for air purifiers that are low maintenance, provide useful solutions and are of good value. The air purifiers must also include a guarantee or warranty and the company should provide quality customer service. At the end of the day, I only suggest products in which I would certainly buy myself.